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Original compositions by Aguilar, Curtis, and Eidsheim.

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When one is observing a performance of electronic music, particularly when that music is performed via laptop computer, it is typically difficult or impossible to determine just what the performer is doing. Among the various possibilities are:

(a) the sound is computed at the moment of performance, and many sound-changing parameters (some subtle, some not) are being manipulated by the performer in real time, using many physical objects such as faders, knobs, keyboards, pedals, graphics (Wacom) tablets, etc.

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July-August, 2008
Anne LeBaron's theatrical song cycle Sucktion, written for soNu and featuring the words of Douglas Kearney, has received funding from Creative Capital's Multi-Arts Production (MAP) Fund. Look for more news soon - a workshop performance is being planned for Summer 2008. Read more

The Southern California based electro-acoustic improvisational group soNu has been described by Anthony Braxton as producing "the music of the Third Millennium." Synthesizing the wide range of musics and cultures that its members have grown up with, absorbed, and studied, the group - informed by individual sensibilities yet focused on creating a collective musical language - functions as a "laboratory" in which its members engage in the creative music process of bringing present, past and future forms, structures and textures into real-time music making practices.

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